Educating You About Modern IT Technologies and Solutions

What do we offer?

We offer You different positions which involve working with new technologies for our clients. Our main, future goal, is creating the first highly – ranked blockchain development company in the South East Europe, where You are going to be valued for the effort You give to us.

We offer You the right education in the field of blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies. Whether you want to develop a new product or start trading, you are at the right point.

Our main focus

ITTC has the main focus on the newest blockchain solutions which can be customized just for your needs. The solutions can be developed from the scratch and be presented to you.

We give you the best prices of the software which are modified depending on your need. For detailed description of our products and prices, feel free to contact ITTC.

What is our goal in the near future?

Since the blockchain technologies have made their biggest breakthrough from their beginning, the goal of ITTC is to implement different blockchain products and raise the awareness about the blockchain technologies in the near future.

Our main focus is introducing the best, low-price, solutions to our clients and presenting them the benefits of blockchain technologies.