What could 2018 bring to us?

As it can be noticed in our previous article, we have tried to sum up year 2017 as short as possible. Indeed, this year has brought us various concepts and triggered a chain of events that have marked one era of the digital age. But, could the ongoing year, 2018, be the year where the rising trend is continued, or it would be a year of decline?

Firstly, the topic of ICOs (Initial Coin Offereing) year 2017 should be tackled. As it proves  to be, the ICO spirit stills seems to live on. Already there are a dozen of coins that are currently in the early phases or are just about to start. As a result, the price of Ethereum could not reach a full potential due to the fact that most of coins and tokens that are offered are based on the Ethereum platform. Also, ICOs could affect investment in already existing cryptocurrencies which could further slow down the pace of cryptocurrency market cap growing.

Furthermore, currently (January 10th, 2018) the market cap of the entire crypto market is just about $700 billion! And yes, you read it correctly, the market cap is steadily approaching the magical number of $1 trillion! To compare with, (the predicted) United States’ military budget for the ongoing year is $824.6 billion. Moreover, the upcoming forks could revolutionize the way we see crypto market… For example, an author choice as a fork that could change “rules of the game” is Bitcoin lightning fork. According to the developers of the fork, “Lightning Bitcoin make Bitcoin transfer fast as lightning”.

Moreover, 2018 will bring many great innovations on the cryptocurrency market both through ICOs and the expected forks. On the other hand, the critiques of crypto currencies expect a bank-induced collapse of crypto market. But just by tracking the trends, various countries like Brazil or Russia try to “exploit” already existing or make their own crypto currencies. No matter what the outcome is, 2018 is going to be an interesting year for the (potential) crypto investors and “holders”.

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