About ITTC company

ITTC d.o.o. (ltd) is a company from Bosnia and Herzegovina with its core business model in developing blockchain systems. Our services are offered to different clients which include production of several blockchain systems which can be integrated, developed from scratch or modified depending on the clients needs.

Our current partners

ITTC d.o.o. (ltd) has, currently, started a cooperation with partners across the SouthEast Europe

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Red January

As covered in our last article, cryptocurrency has been experiencing rough time in a past couple of days. Just as the crypto market started to recover, another series of ‘fatal’ decision were announced. Firstly, on January 1st, 2018, Government of India announced that India will not ban cryptocurrency but rather limit their usage of a […]

What did cause cryptocurrency market going down?

In the past couple of days, many cryptocurrencies had a negative trend. Furthermore, the bearish trend has caused some coins and tokens lose up to 15% in their price. For example, Bitcoin price on January 6th, 2018 was just around $17,000. Since, Bitcoin has lost around 35%, price rallying at just about $11,000. Moreover, XRP […]

What could 2018 bring to us?

As it can be noticed in our previous article, we have tried to sum up year 2017 as short as possible. Indeed, this year has brought us various concepts and triggered a chain of events that have marked one era of the digital age. But, could the ongoing year, 2018, be the year where the […]

What did 2017 bring to us?

The previous year, 2017, was a year that changed the crypto market in its core. For instance, 2017 was a year of ICOs. ICO short of “Initial Coin Offering” is a process where a cryptcurrency is released into the public for the first time where, the team behind the coin/token, makes a form of a […]